Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Doman!

Our sweet little Doman is growing up! I'd say I can't believe he is four, but I actually can because I hardly remember our lives before Doman. He is always happy and sweet. He is in love with the Cars movie toys and still holds a soft spot in his heart for trains and puzzles. His best friend is definitely Max and they play endlessly together. This year with lots of sickness, two sets of stitches, numerous other trips to the ER and specialists, I have seen what amazing strength and patience he has. We don't know what we'd do without his calming, sweet personality in our crazy little family. He is an amazing boy and I learn a lot from him. Doman you are truly a blessing!

And a slide show to commemorate Doman's first four years. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A sad day

The only thing I hate about living in a ward with lots of students is that your friends move all too frequently. I said goodbye to a good friend, Bethany tonight who I will miss! We've had good times. Sewing and crafting all sorts of things, being pregnant with baby girls together, playing Nerts (ha!)... I will hold these memories dear. We're so happy for you guys to start "real life," but you're gonna be missed!

And here are our sweet baby girls. We're going to miss you too, Brookie! She is such a cute, happy girl! Maybe one day we'll live close and they can be little friends again!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


So today was the hottest day of the year for us... in the mid-90's! I absolutely hate the heat. I just start thinking about it and I get an immediate migraine. I noticed Mindi mentioned that it is hotter than Phoenix, Arizona today. What??? Isn't that why we all live here?! This would be the day I'd like to just stay in the house and not do any running around... no such luck! Instead it was a busy day as always, but oh, SO hot!

The running around started with taking Doman to Maddie's for playgroup. Fenna was kind enough to let Max stay and play too since I needed to take Cali to physical therapy at the Children's hospital... things are so much easier with just the two kids! Then back to Fenna's to pick up Doman and Max (late, of course.)

A quick lunch while getting Max ready for his water play-day at preschool. I drop Max and Ellie off at preschool with their supplies only to find out when I returned home that Max left one of his swim sandals and would need it to play in the water! Back to preschool...

Doman was next, off to speech therapy. This was actually a good part of the day... he has now officially been in speech for more than a year and after a recent pre-evalution, his therapist says he's made it to the average level. After his official evaluation next week we'll know for sure. Yahoo! That would be two less appointments per week! And that will help a lot since I think he has many years to come of physical therapy.

Just thinking about my day makes me feel hot (that and the fact that we don't have AC!) And the day isn't over yet!

SO, I see the weather report for tomorrow says it is going to be just as hot as it was today... kill me now!!!

The only happy thing that can come from a hot day... Cali got to wear this little tank before it was too small for her. Dan got this when he was on one of his trips a few years ago before I was even expecting Lincoln! He was just dying to have girl! We're so glad she made it here... we couldn't live without this sweet little thing!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Goodbye to the Thomases

As Max would say, "goodbye Sister and Mr. Thomas!" We are so sad to see Max's primary teachers move. He has loved being in their class for almost a year and a half. Even though Max is quite a wild card in Primary, they loved him and took such good care of him. We will miss them!

Utah Trip

Another fun trip to Utah! This was in honor of Dan's brother Jake getting married. He married such a fun girl and we are excited to get to know her better. Plus we are thrilled to not be the only married couple in Dan's family... and we know cousins are right around the corner! ;)

We didn't take a lot of pictures, but we had an awesome trip. We weren't too busy so we got to relax and enjoy doing lots of fun things with the kids. Some highlights were swimming, the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, the Children's museum at Gateway, the Clark Planetarium, and visiting Dan's and my grandparents.

Click here to see some pictures we did manage to take.