Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Max!

It's been a very long time since February 25th, but I'm finally getting to post about Max's 6th birthday! The weeks surrounding his birthday turned out to be quite chaotic, but we love birthdays and we still managed to celebrate all day long with him!

This has been a big year for Max. He started Kindergarten and has really had to put his toddler years behind him. Dan was out of town a bit recently, which I never handle very well, but Max stepped in as man of the house and he was so good at it! I can't believe how much he has grown up! He moderates the kids' little squabbles, helps me clean, entertains Cali, helps the kids, plus he is a good little friend to me. He even said he would get up at night with the kids (he didn't quite manage that, though. :) He is such a good kid and we love him more all the time.

I asked Max what things he has loved the very most this year and here it is:

1. Doman
2. Star Wars

That honestly sums it up.

Now, onto his actual birthday! First thing in the morning we of course open presents... he had said that he only wanted Star Wars presents, but when it came down to it he gladly accepted the other things we had already gotten him. :)

Then before school we went out for breakfast all together plus a quick stop to play at the toy store.

At school his nice teacher Sue made him a crown and they sang to him. Max brought a treat to share... his favorite, coconut bread and apples.

Finally after school we were all off to Chuck-E-Cheese. Max actually planned to do something else for a change, but it would NOT stop raining so he had to stick with something inside. Good ol' Chuck E Cheese. :)

Then on Friday all his cute friends joined him for a party at the park. With such a crazy week, I was so glad we still pulled off a simple party for him and his friends. We got a Star Wars Cake, the kids played Star Wars Jedi Training games, and then found "asteroid" prizes. Max said it was the best party ever and that definitely could not make a mom happier!

And a big thanks to my friend Britney for all the fabulous pictures she took at the park! Here are a few: