Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trip to Utah

It's always fun to go back home for a visit. This trip was particularly exciting since it was to go to my little sister's wedding. Anne is the baby of the family and now all seven of us kids have been married in the Salt Lake Temple, plus our parents. Pretty amazing. Not to mention the fact that we're all still married (knock on wood). ;)

Here are a few highlights from our cold Utah trip.

First of all, the big Wedding.
Here is the happy couple, Annie and Parker. :)

I should've kept my hair blond so that I'd look like my sisters. :) It will be nice to see the professional pictures, but still, aren't we cute?

Cali loved her pink flowergirl dress!

At our family's last wedding (which was ours seven years ago) there were only 4 grandkids... things have really changed! And Annie has been Super-Aunt to all of the kids, so this wedding was a big deal to them.

Grandpa's "Christmas Eve" FHE.

Playing games with Grandma.

The world's smallest snowman.
As soon as the kids saw it snowing they immediately wanted to build a snowman.

While I was sleeping in one morning (no doubt recovering from one of many late nights partying), Dan took the kids to visit my Grandma Barlow.

As usual, the kids had a lot of fun with their cousins... this is Doman with Makenna, Demi, and Kassidy.

Grandpa's Briggs' fun new toys for the kids.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Lincoln is three!

Maybe it's because Lincoln's the third child, or maybe it's because he is still short and chubby, but I just cannot accept the fact he won't be a little two-year-old anymore! These three years have gone by way too fast! Since we didn't have a blog a couple years ago, here is a little Lincoln re-cap from his first year. :)

Lincoln was 6 days late and weighed 7 lbs 11 oz. Poor little guy had to have a blood transfusion right after he was born.

He was a little sweetheart. He was always a great eater, but cried a lot for a few months... most babes do though, right?

Lincoln only sucked his thumb for a little while, I think because it took so much effort... he was so chubby that in order to keep his thumb in his mouth, he had to hold it in with his other hand. He gave up after a few days and the crying came back...

He's always loved the bath! I remember finding him in there like this with all his clothes on... he was having a great time!

Always a cheese-ball.

What's funny is that it doesn't seem like Lincoln has changed much this year. He is still chubby. He still sleeps like an angel in his crib. He still talks with lots of intonation. He still is very polite saying "please" and "thank-you" for everything. He still takes a 3 hour nap. He still bites the boys if they make him mad (uhg!). He still loves his "ba-ba" and blankies. He still has an enormous amount of energy. And he still CRACKS US UP! He is the comic relief in the family and we would not survive without him making us laugh all the time.

For his birthday we woke him up for presents (okay, really we all waited for him to wake up since he's the only one who sleeps in around here.)

Then he was so thrilled to have a little party at the park with his friends. The day before his birthday he kept telling me he was so excited for his elephant birthday. That was news to me, but Dan went and bought him an elephant balloon and thanks to the internet, I made him an elephant cake. I guess he is easy to please, because he totally loved his party!

So here's to 3 awesome years! We love you little chugger!