Monday, March 31, 2008

Max turned 5!

It is so hard to believe I have a five year old, but it is also a great feeling to see my kids getting a little older and more independent!

Max is energetic as always and gets more fun to be around every day. He is such a little person now! He loves to be funny and tell jokes and he is constantly hiding from me to jump out and give me a big scare. He entertains the boys, takes care of Cali, and keeps me company all day.

We had a great birthday with Max from start to finish! It was his special day to do whatever he wanted. Then that weekend he had a birthday party with his friends. Fun, fun!

Max's favorite presents were two more planet heroes for his collection...Jupiter and Saturn.

At preschool that day Max was the center of attention.
This is him with his teacher Nelly who he adores!

After preschool Max chose to go to Chuck E Cheese. :)

Max had a CARS birthday party with his friends.
This is them playing a tractor tipping game... pretty fun stuff.

Even though Max wanted a Mater cake, I was glad he settled for McQueen since there was a cake pan for that and I didn't have to get too creative!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Karen's first post!

I really appreciate Dan starting us up a blog several months ago when Cali was born, but I think I'm finally ready to participate! Don't get your hopes up...this doesn't necessarily mean there will be more posts, but I'll do my best! Since I'm not doing a great job at keeping up with scrapbooks or writing in my journal, maybe this blog can help me get things recorded a bit more on the side.

We haven't posted anything since Christmas because these past few months have been miserable...Dan going on 3 research trips, everyone getting sick multiple times, and just one crazy thing after another! But does anyone really want to read about that or see really crabby pictures of my kids (and me!)? I didn't think so. So, while I'm trying to be real on my blog, I will avoid using my blog to complain about how hard life can be---I'll save my complaining for Dan and Jen. :)