Wednesday, October 15, 2008

September's Update

Even I have gotten tired of the BYU logo staring at me on my blog. But hey, we're 6 games in and still undefeated... very exciting!

I can't believe how the time has flown! September was a rough month for me and I'm afraid if I get too behind on my blog that I'll end up just quitting altogether. So I'm hanging on... for now!

Here's the latest:

First, we got Max settled into Kindergarten... more traumatic than I even thought possible! We have gotten things worked out a little better, but it will be a learning experience for all of us, that is for sure.

He still says he "hates, hates, hates school", but I think that deep down that he enjoys a lot of it. :) He has lots of cute friends and they do lots of fun things. I'm going to school with him one day each month... this is a picture I took when I went in September of him playing with a water project.

Doman started preschool the beginning of September and he couldn't be happier! He has been wanting to go for the past two years that Max was there and his time has finally come! We actually weren't planning on him going because he wasn't technically ready, and it was too big of a pain to get a special needs teacher from Albany to assist him at a Berkeley school.   But the fabulous teachers at the preschool said to just bring him! This has been a big blessing for us. We adore these amazing teachers and they're so kind to work with us!

This is him going off to school... what a grown-up little guy!

Cali took her first steps which is so gosh darn cute, but it's hard to believe we won't have a baby in the house anymore. I'm usually already expecting our next little one, so it's never made me this sad before. :(

Finally, one of the reasons football season is my favorite time of year! First of all, BYU football of course, but secondly... new TV shows!  At the end of an exhausting day there's nothing better than a great new show to watch.

Here are my top 3 of the new season:

1. Eli Stone. This one is hands down my favorite. Clean, so interesting, and actually a bit spiritual. It just started it's second season, and if you haven't seen it, then I highly recommend it. Actually, the Season Premier was just yesterday... go to and you can see the full episode.

2. Amazing Race. Love it as always.

3. Pushing Daisies. A little quirky, but pretty clean and fun.

I know we're already half-way through October, but that update will just have to come later... my fun trip to Utah, Doman's first experience with anesthesia, and my boys going to the ward camp out will be coming up next.