Sunday, June 20, 2010

Max's Birthday - part 1

We ended up moving very quickly in the end and Max was crushed that we were going to move before his birthday, so we had a little party for him right before we left... literally. It was only two days before we moved and it was really crazy because it was the same day we packed the house, but we're glad we did it. Max has had really GREAT friends the whole time we were here.

Max wanted a United States party which was interesting because quite a few of the kids aren't from the U.S. Anyway, Dan made a huge treasure hunt for the kids going all over the village to different "states" on their map. I loved this because it was a great way to say goodbye to our beloved village. We miss you village!

There are two parks in the village... this one we called "the sand park."

Here is "the path" :) I didn't like it or go there much because of the spiders... the boys on the other hand loved it for, of course, the spiders.
Reading the next clue...

Right outside of "the path"
We called this place "the stairs"... notice them in the background, hence the name.
The other park was known as "Matthew's park" One of Max's friend's apartment was close to the park and that became the way of deciphering which park we were going to... it stuck.
My friend Jen and our babes.

Back at the house, Max with his cake that of course the amazing Jen made for me:

Max saying goodbye to a few of his friends:

Max really misses his friend Kian. I wish I had known what great friends at school they had become. Max was growing out his hair for quite a while to be like Kian. And they send each other letters and talk to each other on the phone. Kian keeps saying that he is going to come visit. They are pretty cute.

Max and Noor:

Max and Alex:
Nathan couldn't come so he said goodbye the night before:

The crew getting ready for presents:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodbye Berkeley :(

This is getting pathetic! I really need to catch up or it will NEVER happen. We have been here in my parent's basement (twice as big as our apartment, so don't go feeling sorry for us) for almost 4 months. I can't believe it! And I definitely can't complain. My parents have been so amazingly generous! My mom cleans, cooks, babysits, and takes kids to and from school. My dad has never even mentioned how messy and loud we all are. They've been champs. Meanwhile, our house is practically ready for closing. A couple things they have to fix (bummer) but then it will be all ready for us. That gives me a couple short weeks to catch up this blog, right?!!!

First, it's finally time to say goodbye to Berkeley. Partly I've put off posting because it is so dang hard for me. Who knew I'd be so sad leaving crazy Berkeley. Seriously... who knew?!! Honestly, those 5 1/2 years have been the hardest, longest years of my life. No, it did not go by fast!! But if I could do it again... I would. I think Berkeley really isn't for everyone, and I used to consider myself one of those people. But it is such a unique, interesting, and beautiful place. Mostly I made the best friends in the whole world. I will treasure all the memories we made and probably miss it forever.

Bear with me as I take a stroll down memory lane. It was a super crazy time having a new baby, then Dan miraculously finding a job, and then getting ready to move, but we made the most of our last weeks. Mostly that consisted of going to all our favorite parks and museums... here they are:

Aquatic Park. One of my favorites (I'll probably say that with all the parks). Too bad I don't have a pic here of the cool wood structure.

Watching the trains... next to the cool wood structure, the best thing about the park.

Max's 1st grade class. Love Michelle!

One last bow night with the girls.

One of the many "rock parks." This one is Indian Rock I think.

The Berkeley Marina:

Berkeley Parks at their finest. Berkeley Adventure land playground. Pretty awesome.
Max going down the zipline. I'm pretty sure you have to sign something about not holding anyone accountable for your kids getting hurt. ;)

Last Primary activity... me with the presidency, but missing our awesome president. :(

Max's class... next to Nathan then Oliver.

Lincoln's class... I see Ike, Sammy girl, Jack, Claire's head and Harmony.

Last trip to the Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science.

Arlington Park in El Cerrito:

Pretty fancy pedestrian crossing right over I-80 in Berkeley.
Huge statue on each side of the bridge.

Going to see Yo-Yo Ma in SF

Date night in the city with two other couples... we should have done this more!
This makes me laugh... I don't know who looks better in my wig ;)
Beth and Grandma Briggs visit. This is out at our village park.

Doman's class:

Daddy reading a bedtime story. :)

Memorial Park:

Can't remember the name of this one... a cool regional park up in the hills behind Chabot Science Center...

Going across the Golden Gate Bridge for the last time.

Golden Gate Park. Way cool park that was completely re-done while we were living there.

We took the whole day to drive along the coast and here we are a little cold at Half Moon Bay. There are a bunch of sea lions behind us if you look close.

Judy and Larry brought us tons of apple boxes and until I was ready to use them the kids built forts with them in their room... they each had their own little "house".

The beloved "planet museum" (Chabot Space and Science Center)

Well that huge lot of pictures about sums up our last weeks. We wish we had more time in the end. Dan loved taking the kids to the many Regional Parks in the area. There are lots of other neat museums, fun "rock" parks, and gorgeous parks. I love the Berkeley Rose Garden. We made many trips to the Oakland Zoo. The list is endless... we miss you Berkeley!