Saturday, November 20, 2010

FINALLY, my last post.

It is so past time for the Berkeley blog to be done! I have really put this off, mostly I think because I just haven't been ready to move on, but also because I don't want to risk crying all over my computer. But here it is, our final goodbye to grad school:

First I miss my friends a lot! And who wouldn't? They came and packed my whole apartment in one big afternoon and then took me to dinner. And I only had one meltdown! I dearly love these girls! We have had a lot of fun over the years. They are the best girlfriends you could ask for and I can guarantee you I never would have made it through grad school without them. Lots moved before me which I always hated . But honestly, it's so much harder to be the one that moved and left it all behind. :(

I only have a few pictures (I was too busy going crazy and crying, darn it!) But I just want my friends to know how much I love and miss them, you know who you are!

Jen... my very first ever Berkeley friend. The one who got me through the first two years... she ditched us for a job in Idaho, but she came back in the end. :) A truly incredible and very special person.

Jenn, Jena, and Tristen packed my whole kitchen!

Melissa working way harder on kids' toys than she should have. ;)
I adore Marianna, but I wasn't the only one... she gave Cali a cute doll when Will was born and Cali quickly named her "Marianna". Well, now I get to think about Mar every day because Cali does everything with Marianna!
While we packed, Dan took the kids out to parks along with some other friends.

And off to dinner at Macaroni Grill. I look like a teenage boy that had been packing all day. I seriously should have cleaned myself up and at least put my wig on! ;) Britney and Jeni, so nice of both these pregnant girls to come up.

Jen and Jenn :)

Mar and Melissa.

The next day (the day before we left) was Valentine's Day and we spent it at church saying goodbye and giving our talks... the nerve! Here is our awesome church:

Possibly not appropriate, but we all know you can do anything in the Berkeley Ward... here is a picture of the Jr. Primary (can't really see my kids... Doman was tired laying on the floor and Max is turned around.)

The day before we left in front of the apartment.

The day after we got to Berkeley. Look at how much smaller the palm trees are. I'm holding baby Doman here.

Then as is tradition of the Berkeley Ward, a little open house for families when they move. Saddest day ever. Here are pictures saying goodbye to everyone(well, only the few I have pictures of):
Oh yeah, Dan had friends too, just not much by way of pictures...

Afterward we went home and packed to leave the next morning... honestly we would have not made it out without Marianna's help... she pretty much packed the whole van.

The morning we left, saying goodbye to the bay's fog!

The scenic drive home... we will miss you California,
but we're back to our Utah roots(which you can follow on my new blog hopefully) from here on out!