Friday, October 01, 2010

Okay, seriously, it's time to come back.

First a confession... I desperately wanted to stay caught up blogging. In fact, I even have a bunch of drafts ready to be posted, but every time I try to add pictures at the end, I just feel sick and sad inside. I am now realizing just how traumatized I am from our grad school experience!

We are so happy to have gotten a job, and even happier that we're back home in Utah. But a huge part of our life together was spent at Berkeley. I didn't ever imagine I would think of it as our home. We miss it way more than we thought we would. Even though we went through a really tough part of life there, we also balanced that out with tons of fun and neat experiences. Most of all we met the most amazing and wonderful people that have truly changed our lives.

So, here I go blogging again. And things might sound a little off because I'm not going to go back and try and fix up my drafts into the present tense. I'm just going to add some pictures and post them as-is. And just to warn anyone reading, this is going to be a way boring blog of catch up for probably a long time until the Berkeley blog is ready to print. So check back in a few weeks (or months) and maybe I will be updating the Briggs family in the present day. But don't hold your breath!