Monday, November 26, 2007

BYU vs Utah 2007

Here's a recap for those who didn't see the game.. or for those who want to see it again. Go Cougs!

The epic battle between good and evil...

... was decided on Saturday, November 24, with BYU prevailing over the archenemy, 17-10. Here's a shot of our newest BYU fan when she watched the game-winning touchdown.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa Briggs

The Briggs grandparents came into town for the weekend before Halloween, and the kids had a great time getting to know them better. Max and Grandpa are best friends - we were very impressed that Grandpa could keep up with Max's imagination! There are more pictures at


Max's obsession with the Solar System is stronger than ever. He wanted to be the planet Mars for Halloween, so we decided to all be a planet! All the boys loved it! If you aren't planet savvy, here is the line-up. Dan is Jupiter, Karen Saturn, Max Mars, Doman Neptune, Lincoln Earth, and Cali is the Sun. :)

Cali made a cute Sun

The boys starting the trick-or-treating trek.

We will probably get some more pictures posted soon at

Here's a short video of Lincoln trick or treating. :)