Friday, March 06, 2009


Has your kid ever had a tick before? Probably not, but if someone is going to get one, it would just have to be Doman, right? UGHHH! Dan was rubbing Doman's back before bed tonight when Doman says not to rub in a certain spot because there's an owie. He has such a high pain tolerance that we never know that he's even hurt! When is this kid gonna get a break?!

Anyway, here is a picture. It isn't good enough to really see, so be grateful because it was a fat ol' tick with its head and half its body embedded in Doman's back and the legs hanging out everywhere. I wanted to scream!!! But I let Doman do the screaming while Dan removed most of it. Since the head was still stuck we had to call our pediatrician to see what to do. Friday night in the ER again... wouldn't that just be great! Thank goodness she said for now we can just leave it since the disease is carried in the body of the tick, but still watch for an infection.

Gosh, this blog is seriously starting to be my special place to vent, because once again, I feel a little better just getting this off my chest.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy (half) Birthday Cali!

We don't usually celebrate half birthdays, but we just couldn't resist. Our sweet baby girl is a year and a half old! Our friends who also had a girl born the exact same day thought it'd be fun to get the girls together to celebrate. Here are the happy girls enjoying their dessert. :)

And here is a little update on Cali with some of her favorite things.

1. Pointing. She doesn't say much more than "ba-ba" and "ma-ma", but somehow she really manages to express herself and get what she wants. We ask her questions and she will nod or shake her head enthusiastically. As cute as it is, we're still gonna pop that girl right in speech the first chance we get. :)

2. Shoes and getting dressed. She loves us to change her clothes, diaper, and shoes all day long which is hilarious. None of our boys did anything like this so we think it is super cute and fun.

3. Watermelon. Cali really doesn't have many favorite foods. She is a very little eater... but she devours watermelon!

4. Reading books and being read to. If Cali is ever being quiet and keeping to herself, she is always sitting next to a bookshelf looking at books. And the only thing she loves more than that is when we read to her. She is especially a sucker for any book with animals in it.

5. Being outside and playing at parks.

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Planet Museum

One of the kids' favorite places is the Chabot Science Center, a.k.a. The Planet Museum. We have been many, many times, but I don't think I've ever posted any pictures. Max has especially been our planet lover, but the other boys and even Cali all love to go explore there. Here are some pictures from last week.