Tuesday, February 24, 2009


He finally got his cast on and he couldn't be more proud of it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Totally Radical

I absolutely cannot think of the last time I had such a blast! Who knew the 80's were so fun?! It was our friend Marianna's birthday and what she really wanted to do was go all together to an 80's Tainted Love concert... what a wild night! I can't thank these girls enough for keeping me young and having fun all the time!

Getting ready to go!

Here is the whole group. I was SO proud of these gals going all out and dressing up. It was definitely worth the effort because we looked awesome!
(Me, Brit, Mindy, Mindi, Rebecca, Kendra, Karley, Jenn, Marianna, Kelly, and Jeni)

We danced the night away, sang at the top of our lungs, and partied as hard as we could!

I think I'm singing here...? Another thing about this night is that it was officially our friend Rebecca's last night living here. Sad! But I'm glad we could have so much fun her last night! Plus, for now she isn't moving far, so we'll still have plenty of time to hang out.

Aren't my glasses awesome? I wore these beauties in high school.

Some girls won't rest until I've posted one of these embarrassing pictures. Don't worry, there's a story... Dan said he'd give me a super big prize if I could pick up on some guys at the concert. Sounds just like Dan, doesn't it? Obviously I don't have it in me, but Mindy would not let me fail and got some guys to take pictures with me that I could use as proof to Dan. It didn't work... he knew I didn't really have the guts. Still, it was so humiliating to take the pictures, that he still says I'm getting a prize. He'll have to make his rules a little more clear next time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Doman and the ER

I know I should use this time to actually post some updates, but I've got to vent out some frustration first.

Doman was at preschool yesterday when he fell off his bike and the bike landed on his arm. When I picked him up he seemed fine, but seeing me made him all teary again. At home we watched a show and ate snacks and he was fine so long as he was holding his arm against his chest. I really wish I knew how to tell if my kid had a broken bone! But he couldn't really use his arm or put pressure on it, so Dan came home from school and took him to the ER around 4:00 in the afternoon...

And then they wait... the ER was packed and no one seemed to ever be leaving the waiting room. AND, Doman couldn't eat or drink anything in case he needed anesthesia. I think Dan would have just left except Doman's arm was really bothering him. SEVEN hours later Doman finally gets seen only to find out they don't have whatever specialist there they need to look at the x-rays (a radiologist?) Seriously?! But they're pretty sure it's fractured, so they wrap him up in a splint. Now we have to wait for someone to check the x-rays and then go back and have a cast put on it. So frustrating.

Doman and Dan got home at mid-night, and I was sure Doman was going to just walk in and pass out because he'd be so tired. But surely enough, he came walking in with a big smile, proud of his splint, and even more excited to show me the little stuffed animal he got. To say he is a trooper is an understatement.

This poor kid has been through so much already. Plus he's been really sick the past couple months and spent many days and nights in pain. I can't stand to see him hurting! Then he breaks his arm, waits in the ER for seven hours (they did finally let him eat around 9:00), with his arm hurting while also feeling a bit nervous. But he's always so tough and cool about it. I guess if he doesn't seem traumatized by all this medical crap then I shouldn't work myself up either.

Ah, I feel better. Thanks for listening. :)

Here's the sweetheart...