Saturday, May 01, 2010

People do the craziest things in Berkeley...

...and now I'm no exception. I just had to do something really wild in Berkeley before we left. I've always wanted to do it and what better time since I was ready to go short anyway. Plus there are some huge perks, hear me out:

1- no washing, drying, straightening, styling, or fixing ever!
2- time to be out the door in a hurry? grab a hat and I'm outta here!
3-need to look normal/cute/like I did my "hair"? grab my wig ;)
4- save money with no haircuts, shampoo, products, etc.

So in short, save time and money... who doesn't want that?! Guys are so lucky! But I think I may have just started a big wave in hair fashion... come on, you know you want to. ;)

Update December:

Holy Moly. It's been a crazy few months, but I refuse to just leave them behind... I WILL get all caught up. I want to make sure I finish up this grad-school blog so that I can get it printed out... what a treasured thing it will be for us! So this isn't really going to be an update, more of a catch up! Here's a start.

Dec. 1st
(yes, I'm that behind)... Lincoln's Birthday!

Four years old, I can't believe it! Lincoln is still the same cute, funny, and happy kid. I love his great sense of humor and I love how much he loves to laugh and just be silly. He is a riot to have conversations with and he's always good for a big hug. He's turned out to be such a fun little kid and we love him.

So mostly the same, but here is what's changed for Lincoln this year. He was a Sunbeam and adored Sis. Lesli. He started preschool and liked being there, but would always rather stay home and take a nap (I don't blame him.:) He got potty-trained! We had three kids in diapers for 2 straight years, oh my. So glad that's over.

He still loves elephants. His grandpa gave him one 3 years ago and he has slept with it ever since.
Getting ready to take his cupcakes to preschool.
We picked up all his cute friends from preschool one day to celebrate his birthday. These are the cutest kids! We miss them!

His cake request: A Lincoln cake. It cracks me up, but he loved it.

Ike trying to pick Lincoln up. ;)

Another request was of course to go to Chuck E. Cheese.

Christmas 2009:

We stayed here in Albany this year because Dan had so much work to do. But we had a really nice relaxing time spending our last Christmas in California.

I can't believe we'd never been to San Francisco at Christmas, but it makes sense since we spend much of our time in Utah at the holidays. Well, I don't think we were missing much. I was pretty disappointed, plus people in the city were so rude to our little family that it didn't help. Maybe we were missing something??? Anyway, we still had fun!

Union Square, Doman and Cali.

Yes, that's Max in the stroller because he forgot his shoes and it was raining. Nice.

Macy's windows:
We do always go up to the Oakland Temple to see the lights. I wish my camera could catch just half of how pretty it is. Can you tell how windy it was?

And in four years we've never been around for the school parties. Here's my little farewell to Franklin. Such a cute preschool. The kids sang songs, had one of their famous pot-luck lunches, and finally there's always a pinata.

Christmas Eve:

Waiting in the hallway Christmas morning...

Christmas=Wii. Kids=very happy.
Baby Will's first Christmas and the kids opening presents for him.

Dan's Birthday:

This is the big one for Dan... he's 30! And boy does he have a lot to show for his thirty years! A bunch of cute little kids that adore him, and a very hard earned Ph.D (well, almost).

The cute baby:

Will at 2 months. Still an absolute perfect baby... great eater and sleeper. Love him to death.